Beth Hawley

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I love to give clients tools that they can use right away in their everyday lives. In my experience, strictly talk therapy does not always facilitate the outcomes that a more wholistic approach can. This is particularly true with issues of stress, anxiety, and trauma. For this reason, I like to integrate other modalities into sessions because I find them effective, streamlined, and inspiring. These modalities might include Energy Psychology or Embodied Mindfulness. These practices help calm the nervous system, rewire brain pathways, and support clients in becoming more resilient and adaptive when life presents inevitable stressors.

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology (EP) is the name for a broad range of relatively new treatments that utilize the human energy system (acupuncture meridians) to address emotional and behavior issues in counseling. The technique I use most often is EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a therapeutic approach that is quickly gaining interest and momentum in the professional community due to its fast and easy manner of relieving stress, trauma, and distressing symptoms. Best of all, it can easily be taught to clients who want to have a way to help themselves between therapy sessions.

How does it work?

With EFT the client taps or holds certain acupressure points on the body as we work with the thoughts and emotions about the issues clients have brought into therapy. After a session, clients often experience a sense of relief, calm, and optimism.

Embodied Mindfulness Approaches

Embodied Mindfulness is about developing a more intimate conversation with your body’s signals and messages so you can respond to them in a healthy way. With practice, your body can become a source of ease, wisdom, and a place to return home to. Embodied Mindfulness might be only a small part of a counseling session, or it might become a larger focus, depending on your needs and goals.


  • MA in Somatic Psychology
    California Institute of Integral Studies
  • School Counseling Credential
    St. Mary’s College
  • BS in Psychology
    Willamette University


15 years in clinic and school settings working with children, teens, and adults.